Designing solutions that fuse creativity and functionality.

My experience in the business of technology has allowed me to craft skills that go beyond design, challenging my creativity to develop custom solutions based on function followed by form.

The Concept of Journey-Driven Design

I 100% agree with the concept of “Journey-Driven Design”. Yes, mobile browsing is exceeding the average number of users on desktops but it does not mean we must choose one over the other when prioritizing how we design. The user-experience, regardless of what device that experience comes from, should lead our design direction. Metaphorically speaking, it doesn’t matter which car you take on a trip, it’s which route you take to get there and what you see/experience along the way. It can be struggle in some cases to truly flush out all your ideas and concepts due to project budgets, timelines, etc.; Nonetheless we should not let it compromise the goal we are ultimately trying to achieve for our clients and end-users.

-Caitlin S. Craighead

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