Designing solutions that fuse creativity and functionality.

My experience in the business of technology has allowed me to craft skills that go beyond design, challenging my creativity to develop custom solutions based on function followed by form.

Setpoint Integrated Solutions

The Setpoint Integrated Solutions website re-design was a creative effort in part with the design team at Teknarus. As the company’s mission and vision continued to grow, Setpoint I.S. sought to create a site that better reflected that direction. Our team developed the initial site for the company and was eager to jump on board for the re-design. We worked closely with the company’s key leaders and marketing team to conceptualize a structure for the site that was both intuitive and modular. As their industry and products continue to evolve so will their site. In keeping with the brand standards that our team had already developed in print materials, we continued by carrying over those colors, styles, and imagery throughout the new site. View the website at

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