Designing solutions that fuse creativity and functionality.

My experience in the business of technology has allowed me to craft skills that go beyond design, challenging my creativity to develop custom solutions based on function followed by form.


Some odd years ago, in high school I believed that I wanted to study business…mainly because my dream was to open up an arts+crafts store similar to Hobby Lobby (I was obsessed with them). Nearing my senior year, I discovered the art of designing for web and a new found interest was sparked. I couldn’t get enough of it, I wanted to make a website for anything and everyone.

By the time college rolled around I was certain that I wanted to study art. I wanted to know more about the manipulation and creation of taking something static and building it into an interactive web experience. The idea of being able to design a site that would be seen by people all around the world was a feeling unlike any other.

I completed my degree in Communication Design from Louisiana Tech University. During this time, I worked with the local arts council where I was solely responsible for designing a brand new website and maintaining it for the duration of my internship. The best opportunity came with the ability to learn by doing – working with the CMS, HTML/PHP code and CSS.

My desire to create experiences on the web remains strong to this day. It is my passion and desire to continuously grow my skills and knowledge. Equally rewarding is the engagement with a client, taking time to understand their goals and brand; working together to craft their vision. Being a designer, who has spent the majority of their time working solely for technology firms, my perspective has shifted to think in terms of function first. As a problem solver I strive to ask the right questions that motivate, excite, and offer a new perspective. Furthermore, I believe the right work culture combined with an amazing team cultivates the freshest and most innovative ideas.

Browse the collection of posts located on my portfolio page, for a look at the projects I’ve enjoyed the most.

Caitlin S. Craighead